Discover the transformative power of our PCOS Repair Protein, your key companion in managing PCOS! 

Enjoy the rich chocolate flavor, while knowing each scoop is packed with purpose. We've handpicked every ingredient to be your ally against PCOS.

Meet Pumpkin Seed Protein

your secret weapon.

It’s loaded with a compound called beta-sitosterol, a natural superhero that tackles those pesky androgens.Wave goodbye to unwanted hirsutism and acne

Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) from coconut oil

Enter the energy booster

This powerhouse boosts your metabolism, guiding you towards your healthy weight goals

Cinnamon joins the party

It’s your blood sugar's best friend

Keeping it stable and curbing those sugar cravings.

Stevia and Monk-fruit

We sweeten the deal with stevia and monk-fruit

all the sweetness, none of the blood sugar roller coasters.

Say 'no' to bloating with our no-bloat formula.

We've gone the extra mile with low-FODMAP, anti-inflammatory plant-based proteins from organic peas, chia seeds, and pumpkin seeds. 

They’re like a hug for your stomach, keeping you full and happy for hours. Plus, our digestive enzyme formula helps to break down your meal with ease, making bloating a thing of the past.

Our protein isn't just a treat for your taste buds;

it's a magician in the kitchen too. 

Blend it into smoothies, shake it up with coconut or almond milk, or let it star in your baking.  It's perfect for protein balls, yogurt, and chia pudding. Ready to tackle your PCOS symptoms head-on while tasting like you’re drinking a chocolate milkshake? Let’s go with The PCOS Protein!

The Importance of Protein for PCOS Symptoms

Protein isn't just the stuff of bodybuilders and athletes; it's a game-changer for managing PCOS.

Protein is like your personal bodyguard against blood sugar spikes. 

When you include more protein in your meals (or drinks), it's like putting a steady hand on the blood sugar rollercoaster, keeping those ups and downs more stable. This stability is crucial for PCOS management, as it helps to fend off those sudden snack attacks and cravings. 

Keeping your blood sugar in check is like having a superpower against insulin,

that tricky hormone behind many PCOS symptoms. Think of it as hitting the mute button on issues like unpredictable periods, weight gain, those annoying cravings, and feeling tired all the time. It's like giving insulin a time-out so you can feel more in control and energized.

Protein also has a secret mission: 

it's quietly working to lower the production of androgens. These are the hormones that, when they go rogue, can bring along some unwelcome guests like acne and hirsutism (unwanted hair growth). More protein means these hormones are kept in check, leading to clearer skin and less hair-raising moments.

Now, let's talk about sleep. 

Ah, sweet, restorative sleep. Higher protein intake can actually contribute to better sleep quality. Think of it as a lullaby for your body, helping you drift off into a peaceful slumber.

And energy?

Protein's got you covered there too. It's like a steady, reliable fuel for your day. No more crashing after a carb-heavy lunch; protein keeps your energy levels more consistent. Imagine sailing through your day with a newfound zest, all thanks to the power of protein.

The takeaway? A little more protein can be your friend in your health journey. It's like having a sidekick in your corner, ready to tackle blood sugar spikes, cravings, hormonal hurdles, and energy dips.

One of the easiest ways to boost your daily protein intake is with a high quality protein powder like The PCOS Protein. With 20g of complete protein per serve and the added benefit of handpicked ingredients like pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, MCT oil and digestive enzymes to tackle PCOS-specific issues, it’s the perfect match. 

Boosting your daily protein is easy with a high quality protein powder like the PCOS Protein. Each scoop packs 20g of complete protein, plus special ingredients like pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, MCT oil, and digestive enzymes, all chosen to support common PCOS symptoms. It's the perfect fit to make reaching your protein goals a breeze!

The Power of Pumpkin Seeds for PCOS

Beta-sitosterol, a compound found in pumpkin seeds, is an incredibly powerful tool in managing PCOS symptoms, which is why it's a key ingredient in The PCOS Protein.

Beta-sitosterol is known for its ability to help balance hormone levels, a crucial aspect for people managing PCOS. It plays a role in regulating the levels of androgens, such as testosterone, which are often elevated in PCOS. By helping to normalize these hormone levels, beta-sitosterol can reduce some of the most challenging symptoms of PCOS, like acne, hair loss, and excess hair growth on the body (hirsutism).
Beta-sitosterol also has anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is a common issue in PCOS, contributing to insulin resistance and weight gain. By reducing inflammation, beta-sitosterol can help improve insulin sensitivity, which is beneficial for weight management and overall metabolic health in PCOS.
Beta-sitosterol is also known to support cardiovascular health. Women with PCOS are at a higher risk of developing heart-related issues, so incorporating heart-healthy ingredients like beta-sitosterol is a proactive step for long-term wellness.
In The PCOS Protein powder, beta-sitosterol from pumpkin seeds is not just another ingredient; it's a strategic choice to empower people with PCOS to manage their symptoms more effectively. Its multifaceted benefits align perfectly with the needs of those dealing with PCOS, making it an essential component of a holistic approach to managing this condition. Its wide range of benefits perfectly supports many factors that drive PCOS, helping you take control of your symptoms and thrive again.

The Power of Pumpkin Seeds for PCOS

Beta-sitosterol, a compound found in pumpkin seeds, is an incredibly powerful tool in managing PCOS symptoms, which is why it's a key ingredient in The PCOS Protein.

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How do I use this protein powder?

There are so many ways to incorporate The PCOS Protein into your daily routine. Our go-to is a morning smoothie. You might like to try Tam’s famous PCOS Repair Chocolate Thick Shake recipe (with hidden cauliflower!). 

You can also simply mix up The PCOS Protein in a protein shaker with liquid of your choice. We recommend 10oz/300mL of liquid such as water, coconut water, almond or coconut milk. It mixes smoothly and can be enjoyed as a drink on its own to boost the protein content of your meal. 

The PCOS Protein is heat-stable so can be used in baking as well as other snacks like protein balls, mixed into yogurt, chia pudding, overnight oats and much more! We’d love to hear how you are incorporating The PCOS Protein - tag us over on Instagram so we can see @nourishednaturalhealth 

See the recipe section for more inspiration on how to use our PCOS Protein. 

Does this protein contain dairy/whey? Is it vegan?

The PCOS Protein contains no animal products and is 100% vegan. It is free of dairy and whey-based sources of protein and instead uses organic pea, pumpkin seed and chia seed protein. 

What does it taste like?

The PCOS Protein in Double Choc tastes just like rich, creamy chocolate milk. It is sweet without being sickly sweet - allowing you to mix in fruit smoothies or baking without it becoming overpowering. It has a smooth texture and great palatability. It is not bitter in the way some dark chocolate is experienced and is suited to those who love milk or dark chocolate.  

Does it blend well with liquids?

Yes! It was a key requirement when we were creating The PCOS Protein that it had great mixability and was not grainy. It mixes smoothly in a shaker so long as enough liquid is used (we recommend around 10oz/300mL of liquid such as water, coconut water, almond or coconut milk). 

When should I expect my order to arrive?

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your order has been dispatched with tracking information available. As our protein powder is made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients, all international orders should expect a 7-14 business day turnaround. Domestic USA orders can be expected in 2-4 business days.