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Top 5 Supplements To Treat Unwanted Excess Hair In The USA

With countless different supplements vying for your attention, how do you really know which one will actually deliver on their big promises of reducing unwanted hair on your hair, back, arms and face?

We researched the top selling excess hair supplements on the internet and made purchases to test some of 2023’s most talked about products. We combed through the scientific research.

Some of the supplements we were informed could even make your excess hair problems even worse which is why you need to keep reading to make sure you get the scoop on what we discovered.

Nourished Androgen Blocker for PCOS

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Saw Palmetto for Women and Men DHT Blocker for Hair Growth

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Naturealm Sacred 7 Mushrooms For Androgens

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Spearmint Capsules for healthy androgen levelss

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Zinc 30mg Microbeadlets with Copper
Androgen Balance & Acne Support

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Why do we need to take supplements for excess hair?

Unwanted facial and body hair for women is typically caused by a very treatable imbalance in hormones known as androgens.


These excess male hormones are typically present in women with PCOS, which affects around 10% of women globally1


The science shows us that for many women with PCOS excess androgens will lead to symptoms like unwanted facial hair, acne, scalp hair thinning, excessive weight and irregular cycles. By balancing androgen levels women can block their effects in the body.

Blocking the effects of androgens can be an effective way to naturally improve the symptoms of PCOS..2

Excess testosterone/androgens results in:
  • Upper lip, neck and chin hair 1

  • Excess body hair 1

  • Acne, bloating, excess weight 1

So if all we’ve got to do is balance androgens why do I need to continue reading this article right? If only it were that simple…

Supporting androgens levels naturally can be extremely difficult.

Finding the right product with a therapeutic dose of natural substances to support androgens levels is key.

BEWARE: Not All Androgen Blocking Vitamins Are Equal

In the course of our research, we discovered a few things the supplement industry probably wishes we’d keep under wraps. Including how:

Many androgen blocking vitamins have very little of the high-doses of nutrients you need to truly make an impact.

In fact, many of the products we researched have the potential to worsen your symptoms.

Here’s what to look for in vitamins to naturally support androgen levels…

and what you MUST AVOID at all costs.

Must Haves

  • Therapeutic Doses:

    Ensure that you are taking a product with therapeutic levels of the right ingredients.5

  • Saw Palmetto included:

    A minimum of 200mg daily is recommended to balance androgen levels. 8

  • Multiple ingredients:

    There are a number of proven ingredients, like reishi mushroom and green tea, to support androgen levels. It's critical to have a blend of all of them. 6

  • Taste:

    Look for either capsules or flavor-free powders to ensure you can stay dedicated to your routine.

  • Reishi Mushroom included:

    One of the most proven ingredients for balancing androgen levels in women. 7

Must Avoid

  • Gummies:

    Gummies almost never have therapeutic dosages and are often heavy sugar.5

  • Tribulus:

    Tribulus is not recommended for women looking to balance androgen levels. 6

  • Low dosages:

    Look for significant dosages - we've done the work for you below by recommending high-dose products. 3

  • Libido boosting supplements:

    Many products marketed as 'Libido Boosting' also produce excess testosterone and worsen symptoms caused by excess androgens. 7

How We Picked Our Top Choice – A Guide To Our Rankings:

In addition to our ‘Must Haves’ and ‘Must Avoids’, we have a dedicated ‘Evaluations Team’ that compares and ranks each tested product according to a Research-Backed 10-Point System. We want you to know how our ranking system works:


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