Feeling out of balance?

Periods causing you grief, not arriving on time or making you feel like a crazy person for way too many days of the month?

I’ve been exactly where you are and that is why I am here to help.

I want you to imagine your new normal where:

  • your period arrives smoothly and on time, with no symptoms and no pain

  • your moods are stable throughout the entire month

  • your skin is clear

  • you feel in tune with your body and your cycle

My mission is to create this reality for you.


Ready to say bye-bye to PMS, painful periods, acne and mood swings?

First, let’s determine how much support you need:

The best place to start: my self guided eCourse

You’ve been suffering for a while and need some 1:1 support

5 x 1:1 consults PLUS 20% off my eCourse

Tamika took the time to tailor a program to suit my needs, and was incredibly supportive and knowledgeable and took a really holistic approach. In a few months of seeing Tamika I've seen major improvements in my gut health, skin, stress levels, immune system, energy and relationship to food

Rosie Ryan, Bondi Australia.


Not sure which option is best?

Book a FREE 15 minute discovery session to discover how I can best support you*

*Please note I cannot give advice in these discovery sessions. They are an opportunity to connect and see if we are a good fit to work together.


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