Having good quality kitchen tools means you can enjoy cooking and living a healthy lifestyle. Investing in a Magimix was the first step I took on embracing healthy eating and it fast became my most used kitchen item! Spending money on equipment that will actually last is so worthwhile as it makes your experience of cooking so much easier and more enjoyable. This is a collection of some of my favourite kitchen tools and some info on how I like to use them.

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This is my number 1 kitchen appliance that I could not live without. It gets at least 2-3 uses per day! It's perfect for blending sauces, making dough and pastry, grinding nuts into nut butter, making nut milk and bliss balls.


Having a blender as well as food processor is super useful. The Vitamix is great for making smoothies and purees, as well as grinding down grains like buckwheat and quinoa into a flour. It's also the perfect tool for making nicecream.


Making your own fresh juice is so satisfying and delicious. Juicing vegetables is a great way to get in extra nutrients without having to eat huge amounts of fibre. I love making carrot, ginger, spinach and beetroot juice - the carrots sweeten the juice enough that you don't need fruit.

A nut milk bag is an absolute essential in my kitchen as I love making my own fresh nut milk each week. You can also use these bags to squeeze the water out of riced cauliflower (for a cauliflower pizza base!) and to make your own homemade cold drip coffee.

I love using a spiraliser to make vegetable spaghetti or noodles. They are a delicious, light alternative to pastas and also work beautifully in salads as a change from grated veg. 

These organic bamboo cutting boards are perfect for everyday use. Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial so it won't absorb bacteria and is more ecologically sustainable than regular wood.


Regular cooking needs good quality non-stick pans that aren't harmful to your health. I love Neoflam pans because they don't contain any harmful chemicals and they're super light and easy to clean. You can heat them to really high temperatures, and the fry pan can even go in to oven. This set has detachable handles so they're easy to store.

Every cook needs a good chef knife. This knife will last you a lifetime - it's rust-free and only needs to be sharpened every few years - that's my kind of knife!


A strong grater is another kitchen essential for me - I love grating carrot and beetroot for salads, and fresh ginger and garlic in stir fries. Finely grated lemon rind on top of desserts adds a delicious, sour pop of flavour.