Clinic locations:


Health Space Bondi Junction

4b/332 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction

MONDAY: 8am - 3pm

WEDNESDAY: 8am - 3pm

FRIDAY: 8am - 3pm


Health Space Kingsford

Shop 98/1-5 Meeks Street, Kingsford

THURSDAY: 8am - 1pm



Charting for Contraception (Avoid Pregnancy)

(3 x 45 min) $300

Charting for Conception (Achieve Pregnancy)

(3 x 45 min) $300


Initial appointment

(60 min) $150

Follow up appointment

(45 min) $105

How Does A Consult Run?

Initial Nutrition Consult:

This is a get-to-know-you session. We'll talk through your health concerns in depth and then do a general health check to see how your whole system is functioning. We end the session by setting goals together that you feel are achievable. I'll give you a few tips to get started on the path to wellness, and we'll get you back in 1 week to go through a diet and lifestyle plan that is enjoyable and suits your lifestyle.

Nutrition Report of Findings:

This is your first visit after your initial consult. You will receive your detailed treatment plan which will include goals we have set together, a timeline of how we expect your health to improve and how we will get you there. It will also include diet recommendations, recipes, nutritional supplements if indicated, and lifestyle tips. We'll make sure you feel comfortable and confident with implementing your plan.

Nutrition Follow Up:

After we have you set up on your plan, you'll come back in on a schedule that best suits you to help keep you accountable and address any issues that come up along the way. We will work together to develop lasting habit change and continue to keep you on the path towards vibrant, balanced health.

Fertility Awareness For Contraception (Natural Birth Control):

Learn to chart your menstrual cycle to avoid pregnancy confidently and naturally, using your body's signs of fertility. We will work together over a minimum of 3 cycles to help you understand your cycle and how to interpret the signs it gives you that you are fertile or infertile at different points of the month. After 3 cycles you will be able to use the method confidently to avoid pregnancy with a 99.4% success rate (comparable to the pill).

Fertility Awareness For Conception (Achieve Pregnancy):

Learn how to chart your menstrual cycle to achieve pregnancy naturally. Understand your body's natural signs of approaching ovulation and increasing fertility to time intercourse to maximise the changes of conceiving. We will work together over 3 cycles to help you learn the method and understand the simple rules. After 3 cycles you will be able to confidently apply the method to increase your chances of falling pregnant faster.


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