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Dear PCOS Repair Cyster,

Congratulations again!

You've made an incredible decision to enroll in the PCOS Repair Program today.

I want to reassure you that order has gone through and your account is being created as we speak.

And whether or not you opted to join the 14 Day Fast Start Challenge, I am so excited to support you on your journey through the Program.

You now have access to the PCOS research that I have dedicated so much of my life to.

Research into the science of how PCOS actually works, summarized into in an easy to digest digital program.

It's jam packed with my step by step guide to creating a personalized support plan and thriving with your PCOS.

And now you have access to all this information at the click of a button as well as the support of a huge community of women.

I am certain that with commitment and dedication to the program...
You can thrive with your PCOS, like so many women have already through the 4 step protocol I teach in the PCOS Repair Program.
But what I'd love to do now is give you a quick headstart with the information on this page.

Consider this to be a quickstart guide to the first step of the PCOS Repair Protocol so you can get started straight away.

You can kick off your journey right now by understanding Step 1 of the 4 step protocol...

I added this step into the PCOS Repair Protocol because after experiencing the humiliating symptoms of PCOS for more than a decade,  I know how difficult it is to go about your day-to-day life and not just  focus on your symptoms.

I’ve spent long periods of my life feeling too  embarrassed to leave the house because my skin was breaking out, my  energy levels were tanked, and I felt so bloated and unwell.

PCOS Repair Program Step 1: Block Androgens For Immediate Relief From Symptoms
PCOS causes our bodies to produce too many androgens (“male”  hormones like testosterone).

These cause frustrating and embarrassing symptoms like acne, hair thinning, excess hair growth, irregular  cycles, and weight gain. 

By the end of the program we want to identify what is triggering your body to  over-produce androgens (your “PCOS Root Cause”) and reverse it, but this takes time.

In the short term, blocking the effects of excess androgens can help with symptom relief.

I like to think of this as similar to having a bad headache every day.  You want to work out what’s causing your headache, but the pain is  so severe that you can’t think straight.

First, you might take some  paracetamol to temporarily block the pain of the headache. Then,  while you are experiencing relief from your symptoms, you can focus  on what’s causing your headache (for example – drinking too much  coffee, your neck being out of alignment, or being too stressed).  

Having this clarity allows you to work out the root cause of the head ache, and then take steps to improve your symptoms. Ultimately, you
won’t get headaches anymore because you have solved why you were  getting them.

Paracetamol has gone from being a daily essential to  something that sits on the shelf for only when you really need it. 

Ta-da! You have treated the root cause of your headaches for lasting symptom relief.

I added this step into the PCOS Repair Protocol because after experiencing the humiliating symptoms of PCOS for more than a decade,  I know how difficult it is to go about your day-to-day life and not just  focus on your symptoms.
By getting some quick wins with your symptoms, I know you will be  motivated to dig deeper and work on your root cause.
You won’t need to  follow these anti-androgen principles forever - some women do and some don't.

Mostly, these principles will be helpful  in the short term until you have found a lifestyle plan that works for you and your root cause.

Once you are confidently implementing your  individualized protocol, your body will stop over-producing androgens and you will potentially no longer need the principles.

The PCOS Repair Protocol approach requires you to think about what  is actually going on with your body and question why you are getting  symptoms.

It will require more effort in the short term, but it will be a solution for the rest of your life.

Am I going to leave you hanging? I can hear you ask.

Tell me what the Anti-Androgen Principles are already!
The amazing thing is short term relief from excess androgens is actually pretty simple
And most Cysters see rapid improvement in their worst symptoms by following these simple 3 steps.

In fact, it's so simple that I've backed myself to include each step in this one page! 

A little bold, right?

Let's go!
The PCOS Repair Protocol 3-Step Anti-Androgen Plan
"It's so simple, it just might work..."

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