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From: The laptop of Tam Woods

Re: Welcome to the 14 Day PCOS Reset Challenge

Dear Future 14 Day PCOS Reset Challenger

Tam Woods here...

I’d like to take a moment here and personally congratulate you on listening to your gut, doing the smart thing and joining the 14 Day PCOS Reset Challenge.

That decision to invest has the potential to become the single most important investment of your life…

Because it contains information so powerful that can - and will - change everything for you and your loved ones…

So congratulations - You did it.

You’re Getting The System I Have Used To Support Thousands Of Women With PCOS

A system so powerful that it’s literally going to give you an unfair advantage.

This same exact system is the reason I was able to go from alone, acne-ridden, balding, overweight, baby-less and always looking for the next quick fix to happily married, healthy and with a baby girl.

And that happiness is constantly increasing because I still thrive with my PCOS daily.

While barely having to think about it…

I Never Have To Think About These Things - Because The Protocol Does It All For Me - And Now - It’s Going To Do It All For You…

And I did it without having to cut out the foods I love, count every single calorie, starve myself or take potentially harmful medications...

All you have to do is implement it and you’ll be ready to go - it’s that easy.

Now, that single decision is the second most important decision you’ve made…

The Most Important Decision Is Going To Be Right Here, Right Now - On This Very Page...

Because I’m going to give you a shot at something that was never part of the plan.

And that something is that..

I’m About To Take You By The Hand & To Help Achieve The Health Results You Actually Want With Less Stress Than You Ever Thought Possible

That’s right…

Not just TELL you about how the protocol works - which is in the 14 Day PCOS Reset Challenge and bonuses.

I’m Talking About Giving You Everything You Need To Heal Your PCOS With Less Stress And Faster Results.

I’m talking about direct 1-1 support, personalized coaching, personalized treatment plans and deep dives into healing every PCOS symptom like acne, excess hair, irregular cycles, fertility and difficulty losing weight.

I’m talking about a full A-Z program for your healing PCOS symptoms.

In just 2-8 weeks…

Basically, everything else I couldn’t possibly fit into a 14 Day Challenge.

I never planned on doing this - the thought of it even freaked me out…

Because I have never revealed any of these secrets to anyone outside of my $5,000+ private clients before.

You see…

When I decided to create the 14 PCOS Reset Challenge, PCOS Repair Protocol book and all the bonuses - I wanted to create something that has never been created…

Something so powerful that it would be a total game changer

I Put It All On The Line To Show You How It Really Works And Sit Back And Enjoy All Of The Success Stories That Come Out Of It...

And that’s exactly what happened - people started implementing the information in the Challenge, book and bonuses and started getting results…

I feel - with the Challenge bundle you’ve just got your hands on - we accomplished that…

And I know without a shadow of DOUBT that the next 14 days are going to be a complete game changer for you…

Once You Go Through And Implement This Challenge, Everything Is Going To Change...

You’re going to eat the food you love...

Which is going to allow you to enjoy every second of your new life...

Which means that you’re going to lose weight easier than ever before…

You’re going to heal your symptoms once and for all...


You’re going to have the secret strategies to get and thrive with your PCOS forever…

You’re going to have a group of incredible women with PCOS with you every step of the way


And you’re going to have a LOT of fun doing it…

I’m confident that you’re going to go from where you are right now to where you want to be with the dream life you’ve always wanted & deserve...

And that’s when everything is going to change for you...

But, Then I Thought…Will It? What If None Of That Happens For You?

What if you complete the challenge, get inspired but have no idea where to start?

That’s exactly what I found some of our members are doing…

You might decide not to implement everything in the challenge because, “I’m too busy”, “I don’t have time” or “I have better things to do”...

Or whatever the reason might be.

If you decide not to put it into practice.

All the hopes you had for your health and dream life go up in smoke.

And Unfortunately. This Happens All Too Often.

In fact. It happens about 75% of the time, if not more.

Not starting a program that you ordered, or signing up to a program and not acting on it, is a very real possibility for you. A very real threat to your health goals and dream life.

And if it happens…

…Your dream of healing your PCOS will only remain a dream....

You Will Continue To Struggle To Manage All Of The Frustrations Of PCOS & Go Back To Getting The Same Old Results - I Don’t Want That For You!

Most people start a health program. And if they’re lucky 5% of the time they see it through and make a change.

They get real life changing results (if the program is good).

What about the other 95% of the time?


I don’t want to leave it up to chance that you’re in the 95% left behind.

In fact, that concerns me.

Because here at Nourished Natural Health HQ, we want to get results from as much as 95% of the people who buy our products.

I want to get everyone to take action on their health and you’re about to see why...

I Faced This Problem, Like Every Women’s Health Expert Does When They Start Sharing Their Programs

75% just weren’t finishing the challenge and therefore not getting results.

I said to myself, I'm not going to let that happen.

I don’t know how.

But it’s not going to happen to the women that work with us.

So let me tell you the story.

I Needed To Find Out Why 100% Of The Women Who Bought It Weren’t Implementing The PCOS Repair Protocol When So Many of My Clients Used It To Get Results - So I Took A Survey...

I gave them four options:

   1. The challenge seemed too long

   2. I don’t have time to do it

   3. My PCOS symptoms aren’t so bad anymore

   4. I lost interest in healing my PCOS

And then I left a box for them to write in any answer they wanted.

When The Results Came In I Was Shocked

The vast majority of people were saying the exact same thing.

They really did log into the challenge.

They did join the private group.

They really did do all the modules.

And they didn’t lose interest in healing their PCOS.

I was so proud of them.

But they were still stuck looking for quick fixes, all or nothing, yo-yo dieter mode.


The Reason They Said They Didn’t Get Results Was Because...

Drum roll please…

Learning one thing was easy, but implementing it was the hard part - they didn’t have any idea where to get started.

It all seemed too overwhelming.

This thought hit me like a lightning bolt.

Of course!

Healing your PCOS takes work…


Transforming your lifestyle takes work...

Figuring out what and how much to eat takes work...


Knowing what to buy from the supermarket takes work...


Cooking tasty and nutritious recipes takes work...

Setting realistic goals and sticking to them takes work...


Creating habits that stick takes work...

Not over restricting, being patient and learning to love the process takes work…

Developing the right mindset to be kind to yourself through all of this takes work…

And believe it or not, even just knowing where to get started takes work…

And last but not least - making it all come together - that takes a lot of work…

Of course people are struggling with that!

And so many people told me they were dying for individualized, 1-1 support...

And it's not your fault! You probably think you're too busy to do what needs to be done to achieve your PCOS goals.

Your time is very valuable!

So I thought about this.

And thought some more.

And I started to daydream.

And I Said I Wish I Had A Way To Just Flat Out Clone The INDIVIDUALIZED PCOS Repair Protocol That All Of My Private Clients Use & Make It Available To Everyone - Have Everything Done For You - Ready To Go…

If I could do that...

I would let all of the women that do the challenge unlock my secrets to healing and individualizing treatment plans.

Then I thought.

That’s ridiculous, that’s impossible...

Or Is it? Because The Truth Is…

We’re living in a special time - where we run our lives virtually, on computers, stored in various data centers around the world - where you can copy and paste information at the click of a mouse…

So what if instead of “giving you” my secrets to getting your body in the right place to start your PCOS healing journey...

I just let you copy everything...

What If I Gave You - An Individualized Program To Heal Your Unique PCOS Symptoms and Direct 1-1 Support From Me… And Everything Else I Use With My Very Own Private Clients?

Nothing held back!

I’m talking about going all out and giving you EVERYTHING you need to go from where you are to fully implementing the PCOS Repair Protocol...

So think about this - I’m going to hand you the fully personalized program that I use with my 1-1 clients, plus individualized 1-1 direct communication with me about ANY of your challenges.

So WHAT IF I gave you all of those things that I use with my private clients?

That’s not a hypothetical question here, because that’s exactly what I did.

I Created The PCOS Repair Program, My Step By Step, Individualized PCOS Solution, Which Includes Direct 1-1 Voice Message Support From Me.

It contains everything I use day in and day out with all of my clients to help them prepare their bodies and fast track their results on their PCOS Repair Protocol journey…

Everything from my advanced root cause calculator, 8x30 minute modules for your unique root cause, deep dives into treating symptoms like acne and hirsutism, meal planners, exclusive trainings, PCOS friendly workouts and direct 1-1 support from me.

First Up, You're Getting Exclusive 1-1 Support From Me Throughout The Program

Ever feel stuck in your journey and just like you need a quick answer from a professional?

Ever want to vent your PCOS frustrations and challenges directly with someone who has been through it with thousands of women?

In the PCOS Repair Program, you get exclusive, direct access to me via voice and text message. 

Send your questions through and get answers to your questions directly every Tuesday, shared privately to you.

My colleagues in the industry call me crazy for offering this, but it’s so important for our students that I HAVE to offer it.

I know exactly how difficult it feels trying to navigate PCOS on your own.

Never feel like that again.

Next, You'll Experience A Deep Understanding Of Your PCOS Root Cause, With Exclusive Access To Our Root Cause Diagnostic Tool

Get personalized guidance on your root cause diagnosis.

Uncover what is causing your individualized PCOS symptoms with our advanced root cause calculator.

Get personalized advice from me on your root cause if you are ever stuck.

Next, You'll Get Full Guidance On Creating Your Unique Treatment Plan - I'm Sharing 8x30 Minute Modules On Creating A Treatment Plan, Individualized For Your Root Cause

I’ll personally walk you through the entire PCOS Repair Protocol process making sure you make no mistakes or have any confusion.

This is completely individualized to you and your PCOS type.

​You don’t waste anymore time being confused over how to get started on your journey...


In fact, you will NEVER have to worry about knowing what to do ever again because the PCOS healing process will be automatic for you.

Next up…You'll Experience Complete Clarity On Every PCOS Symptom Relevant To You, With Deep Dives On Acne, Excess Hair, Weight Loss, PCOS Gut, Fertility & More

Do you have specific challenges you are struggling with?

Maintaining a healthy weight?



PCOS gut and bloat?

I’ve created specific modules for each and every symptom that you may have so that you can learn how to simultaneously treat your root cause and your symptoms.

This is your complete individualized treatment plan.

Next up… You're Getting To Experience Tons Of Exclusive Program Bonuses To Accelerate Your Symptom Relief

✅Exclusive recipes

✅Symptom trackers



✅Meal Planners

✅PCOS Friendly Workouts

You name it, we’ve got it!

And these are getting updated all the time, which you get ongoing access to.

Next up… You'll Create A Beautiful Shared Experience Alongside Other Women In Our Tight Knit Private Community

Never experience PCOS alone and get advise from women who are going through the same things.

Access our exclusive program community and stay accountable, connect with other women and create a beautiful shared experience.

Next…You're Getting Lifetime Discounts On Nourished Products & Affiliates

Get discounts on Nourished’s vitamins FOREVER to keep your healing journey going.

Get access to our affiliates, like Tempdrop, Ovira and others, and get exclusive discounts.

The PCOS Repair Program Comes With Everything You Need To Fast Track Your Results & Thrive With PCOS...

More importantly it means you will actually DO THIS.

Everything will change for you once you implement the PCOS Repair Program - and once you get your body ready to make big changes, I know your dream life is going to happen for you...

There will never be a moment of confusion on where to get started because the PCOS Repair Program will give you everything you need in order to do this.

No matter who you are...even if you think you don’t....you need the PCOS Repair Program.

Because The PCOS Repair Program Is The Only Way I Can Ensure You Get Every Benefit This Protocol Has To Offer In As Little Time As Humanly Possible

Also, and I don’t mean to put pressure on you, but I like to reward quick thinking and quick action.

And for that reason, this page is the ONLY place where you can get a 7 day free trial of the PCOS Repair Program.

Once you swipe away, you miss your opportunity to try the PCOS Repair Program with zero upfront commitment.

Now you see why it was so important that you read this page to here.

This decision about whether to get the PCOS Repair Program could make or break your success with the entire program.

So now the question is....

What is healing your PCOS worth to you?

What is freedom worth to you?

What is the ability to have the life you always dreamed of worth to you?

I can tell you what I paid and what it’s worth to me...

I Paid 10 Years Of My Life And Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In The Process To Create This PCOS Repair Program So You Should Get Results

I did all of the hard work, and figured everything out, so you don’t have to…

What’s your time worth?

And what’s your health worth?

To work with me and my team to get results like this it typically costs $5000.

So If Everything In The PCOS Repair Program Just Got You Relief From Your Worst PCOS Symptoms…

That means this would be easily worth $5000 are bare minimum…

But we’re here to help you get where you need to go, not to make $5000…

So even if you paid half of that - that would make it worth $1,000…

Given the thousands of hours that went into this, it might make sense to charge these prices because between the cost of testing it, figuring it all out, creating it, organizing it, packaging it, filming it, creating the course work, giving 1-1 advice...

As you can see, it’s not cheap,…

And we thought long and hard about this…

I Want Everyone To Have This Because I Know It's A Game-Changer...

But I know that if I gave it away people would not commit, despite the incredible value that we’re offering...

I thought long and hard about charging $1000.

It seemed like a fair price.

But then we thought more about how much you Cysters are in need of something like this

And how your credit cards might not be able to withstand another $1000 on it.

So we settled on $597

$597 it was.

For a time.

Then I Thought We Could Do Better...

I chopped the price again.

To $497 if you attended one of my webinars.

But then we thought, if people are already in the 14 Day Challenge, then they are committed.

And they deserve a discount.

So only ON THIS PAGE I dropped it again to $197.

And included a 7 day free trial.

So that you can get 2024 started right.

That’s it! - Just $197 For the PCOS Repair Program

You're getting...

✅Direct 1-1 support with me

✅A personalized program for your symptoms

✅Personalized content based on your symptoms

✅Recipes, workouts, exclusive trainings and more

✅Ongoing lifetime discounts on our vitamins and affiliate products.

✅And everything else I use in this Program with my 1-1 clients..

And what’s better.

It's Completely Guaranteed, Plus You Get A 7 Day Free Trial On This Page

Try this out on us.

Try it for a full 101 days.

If you don’t get actual changes to your symptoms.

Or if you don’t feel the PCOS Repair Program made this process easier than anything could

Or if you're not happy for any other reason at all.

Shoot us an email to hello@nourishednaturalhealth.com

And you get every penny back.

We won’t ask you why.

We won’t ask you a single question.

Your info is confidential so I won’t even know about it.

You’ll just get every penny back.

Right onto your credit card.

In Fact, I’ll Even Double The Guarantee Right Now… You Can Keep The PCOS Repair Program Free Of Charge If For Whatever Reason You Decide To Get a Refund

(but you won’t continue to get 1-1 support from me)

How’s that for believing in this and believing in your ability to achieve success with this...

There’s a button below.

That button is your key to guaranteed success.

That button is your key to having the agency you’ve always wanted.

That’s your key to freedom....

That’s your key to a better life.

So Hit That Button Right Now And Your Account Will Automatically Be Upgraded To Include A Free 7 Day Trial Of The PCOS Repair Program…

The Program will be unlocked, and you can begin using it the second you login to your members area.

If you really think about this....

It’s just $9.9 per day over the course of one month.

Many of you spend as much as 10 dollars a day on coffee and treats.

But instead of investing in making some coffee CEO rich.

Start investing in yourself.

Skip the coffee.

Skip the treats.

And invest in you.

This Isn’t A Hard Decision, Because… This Is Going To Make Sure You Actually Get All The Results You’ve Always Wanted

So take a good look at the button below.

Realize what it means. Your freedom. Your dream life.

And hit the button now, and I’ll see you on the inside.

You’ve Got Options. I Should Let You Know.

You can spend the next few years and thousands of dollars to get this done for you.

You can do nothing and stay where you are.

Or you can invest less than $300 in yourself and your future… and get absolutely everything I promised for a fraction of the work and a fraction of the time.

If You’re Truly Committed To The Success Of Your Health. It’s Not Even A Decision For You. You Know Exactly What To Do

You know you need to hit that button below and the rest is done.

Hit the button now and lock in your success.

Hit the button now and make the hard work easy.

Hit the button now and eliminate all the stress of this process.

Hit the button now and try it out for 7 days before you even decide.

For whatever reason. And for every reason.

Hit the button now. And upgrade your order.

And I’ll see you on the inside.  

Special One Time Invitation

Upgrade Now And Get A 7 Day Free Trial Of The PCOS Repair Program

The perfect way to fast track your PCOS Repair Protocol results.

Get the exact program I use with all of my 1:1 clients to accelerate their results.

And ensure that your body is ready to start making lifelong changes.

 Here's Everything You Get With Your Upgrade
✅ Direct 1-1 support from me, clinical nutritionist and best-selling PCOS Repair Protocol book author
✅ Individualized program to support your unique symptoms
✅ Deep dives into treating every single PCOS symptom
✅ Dozens of bonuses, from workouts and recipes to meal plans and more.
✅ 7 Day Free Trial (only available on this page)
✅ Direct 1-1 support from me, clinical nutritionist and best-selling PCOS Repair Protocol book author
✅ Individualized program to support your unique symptoms
✅ Deep dives into treating every single PCOS symptom
✅ Dozens of bonuses, from workouts and recipes to meal plans and more.
✅ 7 Day Free Trial (only available on this page)
You will fast track your journey to symptom relief

• Access exclusive resources I use with my 1-1 PCOS clients
• Never get lost not knowing how to get started
• Get lifetime access so you can come back at any time
• Get step-by-step advice for managing YOUR unique PCOS type
• Have ANY question answered directly by me
Get the full program on a 7 day free trial, then $197 charged to your card after 7 days.

And if you're not happy for any reason, it's backed by our full 101 money back guarantee. Just reach out to our team at hello@nourishednaturalhealth.com and they will refund you, no questions asked.