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Nutrition Bite Sized is an exclusive community of likeminded people who want to learn how to eat better, based on the facts.

With so many fad diets around and the media changing the 'best' diet advice daily, its no wonder so many of us are confused about what eating well actually looks like. True healthy diet changes are lifelong habits that are both nutritious and sustainable in the long term for you. While you might be able to drop some weight by following the latest celebrity diet, if your goal is to feel good inside and out you need to make small, simple changes to your diet for lasting success and health. 

After 4 years of studying Nutritional Medicine, I have developed a strong passion for evidence-based medicine and research. I believe the changes we make need to be backed by scientific research. Each week, I send out a short newsletter to Nutrition Bite Sized subscribers summarising a new research study from leading nutrition and medical journals, plus a simple tip for how to implement this fact into your life straight away. This is often a simple recipe or trick that I like to use to boost my nutrition for the day. 

Nutrition Bite Sized is a community where we can all learn to improve our health based on evidence rather than fads. Learn how to make lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle that leave you feeling your best every day.

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