How can I help you?

Do you feel out of balance?

Are your periods causing you grief, not arriving on time or making you feel like a crazy person for way too many days of the month?

Are you struggling with crippling digestive symptoms that you just can’t get rid of?

I’ve been exactly where you are and that is why I am here to help.


After a decade of hormonal imbalances and severe digestive issues, I have a strong passion for women's health (read more about my health journey here).

I empower women to take the control of their health and vitality back in to their own hands. I work with clients 1:1 in my nutrition clinic in Bondi Junction and online, and I create:

I empower women with a deep understanding and appreciation of the inner workings of their bodies. I believe we have a right as women to feel at home in our own skin. To understand and interpret the messages our bodies are trying to send us and to not feel controlled by our hormones. I teach women to respond to the subtle energetic changes throughout the menstrual cycle to maximise productivity and energy, and learn when to rest.

My aim is to hold space for you to create the environment that will help you heal. You already have all the tools you need within you to heal your body. Together, we can work to find the best way of bringing you back in to balance and how you can realistically implement this in your life. Find out about 1:1 consults here.

I truely believe that together, we can get you feeling well again. Your body always wants to be in balance. It is never fighting against you (although it sure feels like it is sometimes). Together we can interpret the messages your body is trying to communicate, and use this to set you on the path to optimal wellness.

If you’re ready to feel at home in your own body again – book a comprehensive 1:1 Nutrition consultation with me today.

Otherwise, found out more about the specific conditions I can help you with below:

Areas Tamika can support: