The Morning Mission E-Book

The Morning Mission E-Book


Congratulations You're About To Embark On A Healthy Breakfast Mission!

A week of amazing breakfast recipes.

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The time that the kitchen is most neglected is in the morning.

From sleeping in and skipping breakfasts to eating quick and unhealthy meals, we have become obsessed with saving time at the expense of cooking.

For the next seven days, challenge yourself to prioritise spending time in the kitchen and you will notice the difference it makes. Your mission is to get up 20 minutes earlier so you can enjoy cooking first thing in the morning. Start the day with a clear mind and calm body full of nutrients to power you through the day.

Better still, if you prove you make all the recipes* you get your money back!

A digital cookbook that offers one week of simple breakfast ideas that are healthy, affordable, and delicious. All recipes are plant-based and can be made gluten-free!

Featuring exclusive recipes that you won't find anywhere on this site (or in the world for that matter!). Including:

  • Choc Orange Granola

  • Epic Toast Toppers

  • Green Galaxy Bowl - Our Personal Favourite (pictured below)

  • Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

  • Savoury Beetroot Crepes

  • Warm Buckwheat and Rhubarb Compote - Get this as a teaser below

  • Healthy Blueberry Oat Pancakes

  • Full shopping checklist

Complete the Sproutly Stories Morning Mission and get your money back!*


  • 7 simple, affordable, healthy recipes that require 30 minutes or less

  • Totally new, original recipes - Never published before and only available in the cookbook

  • Entirely plant-based breakfast recipes that can be made gluten free

  • Fresh, healthy meals

  • One week of day-by-day, hassle-free breakfast plans

  • Easy-to-understand instructions

  • Vibrant photos for every recipe

  • Dishes with fun flavors and combinations

  • Weekly grocery list that make shopping a breeze

  • Recipes that utilize ingredients to ensure no food goes to waste

  • Tools to help make breakfast at home fun, exciting, and cheaper than eating out

Featuring some of Sproutly Stories' most creative and innovative recipes to date, this e-book is designed to get you out of bed early and to start the day with a great meal.

While there are some simple recipes in this book, the idea is to make your morning a time to check in with yourself before you answer to everyone else.  Get creative and spend some more time in the kitchen.

Get A Teaser: Warm Buckwheat Breakfast Bowl Recipe

Check out one of the recipes from the e-book before you commit to buying it so that you know you're buying something great.


The world has become enveloped by the fast-paced.

Fast cars, fast internet, fast fixes and, of course, fast food.

Cooking helps us slow down and enjoy the world, although we’ve been convinced otherwise. From 10-minute recipes to just about anything that will get in your mouth ASAP, people are being driven away from the kitchen. We are growing increasingly disconnected from our food, particularly regarding how it is made and where it comes from.

Sproutly’s plant-based recipes are designed for people who love to cook or who want to learn to use cooking as a creative outlet. 10-minute recipes are so boring! Get back in the kitchen and do something interesting.

Don’t fear the saucepan! Be Sproutly!


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The Morning Mission E-Book
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