Meal Prep Hacks

Meal Prep Hacks


The ultimate secret to healthy eating: meal prepping. Learn how spending a few hours on the weekend will make your life easier and healthier all week long. Includes meal prep tips and hacks, easy recipes, a recommended grocery list, personal meal planner and shopping list organiser.

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Do you start your week off with great intentions to eat well and be healthy, only to find by Wednesday you are running low on time and resorting to ordering in or grabbing the most convenient (but least healthy) snacks to keep you going?

They key to keeping healthy habits going all week long is preparing well on weekends. Setting aside 2-3 hours on one day of the weekend will allow you to organise a grocery list and meal plan for the week, buy the produce you need, and apply some simple hacks to make putting together meals and snacks a breeze.

This guide goes through my ultimate hacks for meal prepping that I use with all my nutrition clients to help them stay on track with their healthy eating goals. Using these tips not only takes the stress out of deciding what to cook during the week, but it saves you time, money and fuels your body with the right nutrients. This means that you will feel more energised, focussed and stable throughout the day, and won’t feel the need to reach for that chocolate bar at 3pm when your energy levels dip.

If you are serious about up-levelling your health and routines, you need these life changing meal prep hacks.

Along with the meal prep tips and hacks, you will also receive simple, delicious meal prep recipes that you cook once and that will last you for an entire week of meals or snacks. You will also get access to my recommended grocery list that covers all the key foods you want to stock your pantry and fridge with so that you can avoid those annoying mid-week grocery store runs.

I’ve also put together a meal planner for you which you can print, stick up on your fridge, and plan out what you feel like eating for each meal and snack during the week. I’ve included only Monday - Friday so that you can have a little free rein on weekends - no one likes too much structure right?

You’ll also find a personal grocery list organiser which will help make sure you remember all of the foods you need, and make grocery shopping easier as you can shop section-by-section according to the list.

If you’re ready to reduce stress and time wasting during the week, whilst maximising your nutrition - download my ultimate Meal Prep Hacks guide now. Your future self will thank you!


Q: I am vegetarian/vegan/gluten free/dairy free - does this guide cater to my needs?

A: Yes, all the tips and recipes are gluten free and dairy free. All of the recipes are vegan except for one which uses eggs. All recipes are vegetarian.

Q: I’m new to cooking or preparing foods for myself - does this guide require advanced skills?

A: Not at all. This guide was designed with simplicity in mind. All of the tips require only basic or minimal cooking skills.

Q: Will I need any fancy kitchen supplies?

A: The only things required are pots and pans, sharp knives, a baking dish or muffin tray, a stove and oven, and a food processor or blender. You will also need something to store your prepared foods in: I recommend airtight glass containers to reduce exposure to plastics.

Q How do I store my prepared food?

A: I recommend airtight glass jars for storage to reduce exposure to plastic chemicals like BPA. Store your prepared foods in the refrigerator until ready to eat them.

Q: How much time will I need to meal prep on the weekend?

A: I usually find that around 2-3 hours is enough time to prepare several meals and snacks, organise/wash/chop vegetables, cook grains and make some dips. You may want to include a little extra time for picking up key ingredients from your grocery store. Or, try the ultimate meal prep hack: order your groceries online!

Q: Is there a particular day that I should meal prep?

A: Not at all. It’s about finding which day suits your schedule best. It might be a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday, or perhaps you finish early or start late one day during the week and could spend some time on this day getting organised.

Q: How long will the food last?
A: Most pre-prepared meals will last 5 days in the fridge. Dry foods like mixed nuts will last for several weeks when stored in an airtight container in the cupboard.

Q: How do I find the motivation to give up some of my week for meal prep?

A: The key to this is scheduling it in your diary as a non-negotiable. Make it a habit by committing to a similar time each week so that you barely have to think about it.