Managing Stress Eating & Emotional Eating


How do I stop stress & emotional eating?

New research is revealing that the extent of damage that stress causes on the body is not determined by how much stress we experience, but rather how we perceive it.

This means that when we are able to shift our thinking around stress as being a positive response in our bodies - gearing us up for a challenge - rather than a disaster, the negative effects on our body do not occur. 

Together, we will be able to address the lifestyle and dietary related choices associated with emotional eating.

What causes emotional eating?

Emotional eating can be extremely painful to live with as, not only are you experiencing the stress/emotion that initially caused you to overeat, but you are also suffering with the mental anguish post-stress eating. For many people, the guilt associated with stress and emotional eating can be just as bad as the negative feelings that caused you to overeat.

This will often lead to a cycle of negativity that we can work at addressing together.

As simple as it may sound, the best was to stop emotional eating is to address the route of the cause. This means addressing any stress and emotional issues and finding coping strategies for when you do hit tough times.

Equally, making sure your diet is strong during more emotionally stable times can ensure that the guilt of stress eating is not permanent and cyclical.

How do I reduce my stress and improve emotional health?

In our modern world, avoiding stress entirely is impossible, therefore natural stress management involves becoming more resilient to stress. We can work together to identify stresses in your life that could be changed, and shift your thinking around those which cannot. Nutritional strategies to increase the body's capacity to cope with stress can also be employed.

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About Nourished Natural Health

My name is Tamika and I run Nourished Natural Health, a natural health clinic with expertise in fertility, hormonal balance and digestion. I hold a Bachelor degree in Nutritional Medicine as well as a Bachelor of Teaching, which I use in combination to foster growth and learning.

I work with clients in a partnership which empowers you to take control of your own health. I practice holistic healthcare which means I take an in depth look at all aspects of your life, not just what you put in your mouth. Your environment, stress, exercise, sleep, personal life and medical history can have just as big an influence on your health as your diet.

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What qualifications do you have?

I hold a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine)Bachelor of Education and am a Trained Fertility Awareness Educator

How much does an appointment cost?

Please see pricing breakdowns here.

Can I get a health fund rebate?

Certain Australian private health funds offer rebates for nutrition consults, at varying levels of cover. Please see Health Fund Rebates to determine if you fund may offer you a rebate. 

How many sessions will I need?

Learning stress management techniques can usually be achieved in 1-2 sessions. We may need further sessions to address imbalances and depletions caused by chronic stress.

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