Hi, I'm Tamika - a bachelor degree qualified Clinical Nutritionist and Fertility Awareness Educator living in Sydney, Australia. 

After experiencing debilitating chronic health issues and food allergies for most of my life, the path towards nutritional medicine was clear. I managed to recover from many of my chronic issues through diet and supplement changes. Witnessing the power of food as medicine left me hungry to help others in the same situation.

After years of struggling with hormonal imbalances and severe digestive issues, I have a strong passion for women's health. I believe we have a right to feel at home in our own bodies and to embrace our monthly cycles, rather than dread them. I believe your period is your monthly report card and provides a wealth of information on how your entire system is functioning each month.

My aim as a nutritionist is to work with women on their journey towards vibrant, balanced health. I address hormonal issues by identifying the root cause and helping clients to make sustainable diet and lifestyle changes to support their health.

I believe the way you eat should bring you joy and leave you feeling vibrant and alive. Healthy food choices and addressing underlying nutritional deficiencies are the foundation of balanced health.

I practice holistic healthcare which means I take an in depth look at all aspects of your life, not just what you put in your mouth. Your environment, stress, exercise, sleep, personal life and medical history can have just as big an influence on your health as your diet.

I am deeply passionate about supporting you on your journey to your most vibrant and balanced self. I offer one-on-one nutrition consults for women and their partners who are struggling with chronic health issues relating to hormones, fertility, digestion and energy.

If you’re ready to feel at home in your own body again – book a comprehensive Nutrition consultation with me today.

Yours in vibrant health and happiness,


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